Really, REALLY?

The Dutch media are all over a report that the AIVD was watching ‘Russians’ hack into the US election and sharing this information with the FBI. This supposedly happened by compromising computer systems in a university right next to the Kremlin, as well as hacking into a ‘live’ camera feed.

So we’re supposed to believe that:

  • FSB (or its subsidiaries) has/have live camera feeds, connected / reachable through the internet no less, of entry and exit to their active / critical ops rooms?
  • A severe compromise like this remained undetected for months?
  • The intelligence services are now openly sharing this type of information in the media?
  • APT28 and APT29 are also both mentioned – which is it?
  • This information came from an unconfirmed ‘anonymous source’ within the government. Right.

We’re also repeatedly reassured this has nothing to do with the continued push for increased surveillance powers.

Is there a kernel of truth somewhere? I have no idea, but this is either unbelievable or the worst OPSEC failure ever.

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