About me

I work for KPN’s CISO (largest Dutch telco), specifically KPN-CERT, and specialize in IT Forensics, IT Security, Systems & Network Programming/Engineering. Any opinions etc. expressed on this website are my own.

In my previous life, I was the head of the Minor programmes on Security and Forensic Intelligence for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, as well as the sys-/netadmin of our faculty’s IT-infra, and a researcher for the E-Discovery lectorate under Dr. J. Henseler.

Specialties: Computer Security, Security Analysis and Hardening, Digital Forensics, Systems Programming, Administration and Management.

Recent publications and research


I aim to eventually publish all my lectures online on my YouTube channel.

A sample of my work, a crash course on the topic of Information Security, is available on YouTube (lecture is in English):

Introduction to Computer Security – this lecture is an introduction to the field of Computer Security. While the eventual course covers many (if not all) of the CISSP domains, the lecture focuses on explaining the key security concepts of ‘people, processes and technology’, ‘prevention, detection and mitigation’, etc. in layman’s terms – students sometimes come from completely different disciplines.

Console Hacking – this lecture gives an overview of the principles behind the hacking of embedded devices, using the most popular game consoles of the past 20 years or so as examples. An updated version was presented at the 2015 FSEC conference in VaraĹždin, Croatia.