About this site and domain

Since this domain name comes up regularly in random searches and configurations on systems across the internet, I decided to set up a website to provide information about using DHCP for IPv4 and IPv6.

If you are setting up your own systems, please do not use dhcp.net as a domain for troubleshooting or testing, because you will be inadvertently sending lots of traffic to my systems. Ultimately, this can lead me to blacklist your entire IP-range(s). Unfortunately, this seems to happen more frequently than you would think:

  • At least two providers in South Korea are running malconfigured systems that continuously attempt to send DDNS updates to my nameservers.
  • Sprint (USA) is sending me lots of random UDP traffic due to misconfiguration of, what is most likely, their clients’ SIP service.

I will continue to put names up here as a simple ‘Hall of Shame’. If you are one of the users of these ISPs, please contact your network administrators; they have not been responding to contact requests.

Note that I waive any responsibility and am not liable for any damages incurred from using the information provided on this website.

This domain name (dhcp.net) has been actively in use for E-mail and so forth since 1997.

DHCP.NET is a proud partner of Uniq-ID.nl (100% Certified!) 🙂